Police investigate arson at residential school memorial in Calgary

Calgary police are investigating an arson that occurred at a residential school memorial at City Hall last night.

Manitoba RCMP raid home of Army reservist named as recruiter for neo-Nazi group

Manitoba RCMP raided a home and arrested a Canadian Army Reserves member who is recruiting for a neo-Nazi group called The Base.

Canadian Military investigating whether White Supremacist in Army Reserve

The Canadian Armed Forces is investigating whether a man who is recruiting in Winnipeg for a neo-Nazi paramilitary group called The Base, is a member of the Army Reserve.

Three arrested by Albuquerque police in connection with brutal murder of Native American woman

Police in Albuquerque have arrested three people in connection with the brutal murder of a 39-year-old Native American woman who was fatally stabbed and found decapitated in the city's foothills.

Members of Aryan Knights prison gang in Idaho, indicted on racketeering charges

A U.S. federal grand jury has indicted ten members of a white supremacist prison gang on charges under the RICO Act.

Winnipeg home vandalized, dog stabbed during break-in

Winnipeg police are investigating after a dog was attacked and hate messages were spray painted on the walls of a home during a break-and-enter.