Manitoba RCMP raid home of Army reservist named as recruiter for neo-Nazi group

Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews identified as the man recruiting in Winnipeg for a neo-Nazi paramilitary group called The Base. (Winnipeg FreePress)

Manitoba RCMP raided a home and arrested a Canadian Army Reserves member who is recruiting for a neo-Nazi group called The Base.

RCMP executed a Public Safety warrant at a house that Army reservist Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, 26, resides in the town of Beausejour around 10 pm, Monday night.

Neighbours told the Free Press Mathews was taken out of his house and into custody by officers.

Several firearms were seized during the search.

A witness recorded video of the raid and posted it onto Facebook.

No charges have been laid against Mathews.

The Canadian Armed Forces is also investigating him for possible racist and extremist activities.


Mathews is a trained combat engineer and a member of the 38 Brigade Group in Winnipeg according to CTV News.

The Free Press identified Mathews, as the man responsible for neo-Nazi propaganda posters posted throughout the city in recent weeks.

The posters include fascistic imagery and bearing the phrase “Learn, Train and Fight” and “Save your race, join The Base.”

Posters for The Base have been spotted in various locations around Winnipeg. Photo: Fascist Free Treaty One (FF1) on Facebook.

Experts on hate groups say The Base represents the most radical, violent fringes of the extremist right.

The Base’s membership, which is primarily located in the U.S. but includes Canadians is on the rise and spreading.

The group is focused on providing paramilitary-style training to far-right extremists and claims to have conducted live-fire training with its members.

The Department of National Defence officials said Tuesday, the Military is assessing whether Mathews will keep his job.

Beausejour is about 50 kilometres east of Winnipeg.

Photo Credit: Winnipeg FreePress